Neurodiversity: Race and Realities

What steps are you taking to address the barriers faced by Black and brown neurodiverse people?

Join Diversity and Ability for Neurodiversity: Race and Realities, a six-week course equipping equity, diversity and inclusion professionals with the skills to foster intersectional inclusion. 

Across six weeks, you'll benefit from interactive online learning, supporting resources and in-person delivery that gives you the tools and strategies to foster neurodiversity inclusion and anti-racism in your organisations and communities.

What will it involve?

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As a course participant, you'll benefit from a CPD-certified course delivered by international equity, diversity and inclusion experts.

Learning objectives

By the end of the course, you will have:

  1. In-depth knowledge of neurodiversity and how identity characteristics intersect to affect the barriers people face.
  2. An understanding of how workplace cultures and structures create disabling environments, particularly for neurodiverse people of colour.
  3. An enhanced ability to recognise and examine how class, race, migration and social norms play a role in neurodiversity exclusion.
  4. A toolkit to enable you to remove the intersectional disabling barriers for your teams.
  5. A strategy plan for how you will implement neurodiversity inclusion and anti-racism in your own workplace or learning environment.

"[D&A] created a welcoming and inclusive space which spoke to everyone's very differing levels of experience and confidence."

- Feedback from Diversity and Ability's equity, diversity and inclusion training.

"This thought-provoking talk was (amongst other things) a sobering reminder of the very many reasons why people choose not to disclose. If anyone can help inspire and promote universal inclusive design, it's Atif."

- Feedback on Atif Choudhury's (CEO, Diversity and Ability) workshop, Moving at the Speed of Trust: Neurodiversity, belonging and the intersections of race, culture and experience.

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Three Black and disabled folx (a non-binary person in a power wheelchair, a femme leaning against a wall, and a non-binary person standing with a cane) engaged in converation. All three are outdoors and in front of a building with two large windows.